Our Team

At the Radiation Center of Greater Nashua, a specialized team of highly credentialed, skilled specialists works together to plan and provide your treatment.

Radiation Oncologists:

A radiation oncologist, a physician who specializes in the use of radiation to treat disease, will be in charge of your care here. The Center is staffed by board-certified radiation oncologists from Radiation Oncology Associates, PA.

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Stephen Harris, M.D., Medical Director

Stephen Harris, M.D.
Medical Director


Medical Physicists:

Medical physicists are specially trained clinicians who assist the radiation oncologist in designing individualized treatment plans.

They are also certified to monitor the precise calibration of the highly technical equipment used in radiation therapy.

Luc Sirois, MSc, DABMP, DABR
Luc Sirois, MSc, DABMP, DABR

Jennifer Tucker, MS, DABR
Jennifer Tucker, MS, DABR


Medical Dosimetrists:

Medical dosimetrists are specially trained clinicians who assist the
radiation oncologist in designing individualized treatment plans.

Scott Cail, CMD
Scott Cail, CMD

Paul Giardinello, CMD
Paul Giardinello, CMD



Nurse Navigators:

Your oncology nurse works collaboratively with all your providers to assist the doctor in coordinating and managing your course of treatment.

Staci Felder,
Radiation Therapy Nurse

Susan Hardy
Susan Hardy MSN, RN, OCN


Radiation Therapists:


Radiation therapists are professionally educated and specially trained in the use of radiation therapy equipment; they deliver your treatment.

Charles Mangano,
Chief Therapist

Matthew Brown RT(T)
Matthew Brown RT(T)
Radiation Therapist


Frank Campbell RT(T)
Frank Campbell RT(T)
Radiation Therapist

Elise Flagg RT(R)(T)
Radiation Therapist

Michael Klesh RT(R)(T)
Senior Radiation Therapist, Clinical Coordinator,
NHTI board member


Belinda Martino RT(T)
Radiation Therapist

Tammy Vestal RT(R)(T) Radiation Therapist


Radiation Oncology Social Worker

Jacquelyn O'Connor LICSW
Jacquelyn O'Connor LICSW

Jacquelyn is a licensed professional who counsels people affected by cancer, providing emotional support and helping them access practical assistance. She can provide individual counseling, support groups, locate services that help with home care or transportation, and guide people through the process of applying for Social Security disability or other forms of assistance.

Jacquelyn earned her Bachelors in Sociology from Rivier University in Nashua, and her Masters in Social Work from Boston University. She has over 13 years experience including medical social work, oncology and clinical practice.


Oncology Dietitian:

A registered dietitian provides nutritional counseling to patients with diagnosis-related eating problems.


Administrative Staff:

All members of our professional administrative staff help to ensure that your course of treatment proceeds smoothly. They schedule appointments, issue written correspondence to your other health care providers and supply information to your insurance carrier.

Linda Talbot - Billing

Rosamaria Yann - Billing

Tammy Wallace
Tammy Wallace - Registration/Scheduling Coordinator

Joanie Kish
Joanie Kish - Reception



Andrew DesRosiers
Executive Director

Lee Atkins
Lee Atkins
Associate Director,
NHTI board member

Radiation Center of Greater Nashua


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At the Radiation Center of Greater Nashua, you’ll receive the most
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