What to Expect

Radiation Therapy Involves Careful Planning– and YOU

Before receiving radiation therapy, you will meet with a radiation oncology nurse and a radiation oncologist, who will review your medical history and discuss your treatment plan with you. Family members and friends are welcome to accompany you to these discussions.

Radiation Simulation
& Treatment Planning

Our supportive team is here to take care of you. Once your radiation oncologist has discussed your treatment plan with you, the radiation therapy will be simulated during a planning session.

Your radiation oncologist and a radiation therapist will use powerful 3-D mapping technology, a computed tomography (CT) simulator, to locate the exact treatment area and place some preliminary marks on your skin with a marker.

It may be necessary to pinpoint the area with some small permanent marks, no larger than a freckle. Your treatment plan will be precisely calculated by the medical dosimetrist or medical physicist using a specially designed computer program.

Your Treatment Schedule

Your radiation oncologist has prescribed a course of radiation for you that will be delivered in divided doses over a prescribed number of treatment sessions to maximize effectiveness and minimize side effects. These sessions will be scheduled on a daily basis, Monday through Friday for a period of weeks.

You will also have a weekly appointment with your radiation oncologist and nurse to evaluate your progress, how you are feeling, and to discuss any side effects you may experience.

Convenient Location

The Radiation Center of Greater Nashua is conveniently located close to your home. We help minimize the stress on patients and their families by offering the most sophisticated treatment available without a long car ride.

We're Here for You

We strive to provide a welcoming environment for you and your family, and to support you through your treatment experience.

We offer the following resources and are always happy to answer your questions:





At the Radiation Center of Greater Nashua, you’ll receive the most
sophisticated treatment available, in the most convenient place possible!